Golden Leaf Restaurant

Golden Leaf Restaurant

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Leiviskäpolku 4, 00440 Helsinki


Cantonese dish

Golden Leaf Asian Cuisine is the most authentic Cantonese restaurant in Finland.

The characteristics of Cantonese cuisine focus on the original taste of the food. For this reason, spicy seasonings are less used in cooking, and the taste is lighter. Customer can often experience the natural and pure aroma of the ingredients themselves when they tasting.



Cantonese cuisine is one of the eight major cuisines in China. As the saying goes, "eating in Guangzhou" reflects the importance of Cantonese cuisine in traditional Chinese food culture. Golden Leaf Restaurant is more sophisticated in the selection of dishes, the ingredients are fresh, healthy and safe. Signature dishes such as "Guangdong Roast Duck", " Chicken in natural juice ", "Fried Stuffed Eggplant", " Stewed Beef Brisket in Casserole " and so on, are well-known in the Finland local restaurant industry.

About us

Our restaurant is located few minutes away by walking from Pohjois-Haaga train station. We have seats for 24 customers. Our restaurant is a traditional Cantonese restaurant and our executive chef, who is from Hong Kong, has worked in the catering business for more than 30 years. We offer an authentic Cantonese taste experience and excellent services in a stylish and atmospheric environment.